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01/04/16 12:41 PM #44    

David Talbot

Hi Stu, Silvia and I spent a month driving from Aukland all the way to the southern tip of the south Island and back.  We were between work and full retirement and my son was an employee of United so there was no travel expense.  That allowed us to stay the extended time.  On the South Island we never left the East Coast, but on the North Island we drove down the center and back up on the  East Coast of the North Island.  We spent one night in Tauranga, 3 days in Lake Taupo & Rotorua, and got as far south as Duneiden.  Our favorite place was right on Lake Rotorua North of the city where we found a beautiful old Inn with views of the lake through our room.  If you come to the 55th and we are able to come too, we can share memories New Zealand and tall tales of our military service!    David  

01/06/16 08:19 AM #45    

Barry Neumann

I just got back from vietnam,cambodia & lou,The people were very nice & helpful,in Hanoi we stayed across from a kindergarten school at pick up time.The parents showed up on scooters,picked up 3 kids stuffed them on and took off.There are very few traffic lights,no accidents 9 million people no road rage and traffic keeps moving.The trip was a history & geography lesson,the food was great,but definitely a on time thing.

01/07/16 12:21 PM #46    

David Talbot

Barry Neumann...Glad you enjoyed your trip to RVN, many of my friends from the war have been back.  I just don't ever want to go...  It's all mental but I just can't do it.  

01/07/16 05:07 PM #47    

Elaine Breton (Diloreto)

Sounds like a wonderful trip and a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Happy New Year Barry.

01/08/16 12:11 PM #48    

Cheryl Bea Rubenstein ((edlin))

Timothy Mark Wolf, I sent you a private message reply!!

01/08/16 02:54 PM #49    

Diane Kurtz ((paul))

Glad to be back online with all of you.  Lynn got me back in. Trip to Vietnam brings back memories of love and friends who were taken.  Love to talk or see any of you. Be healthy and happy. 🍀🌹

01/08/16 06:43 PM #50    

Diane Kurtz ((paul))


Dear Stu:

Remember me?  Your dad was my mailman.  My daughter is in Phoenix.  Be well

01/08/16 07:29 PM #51    

Stuart Tasman

Diane, of course I remember you.  I am not sure what you mean about your daughter in Arizona. I live in Houston Tx.

01/09/16 12:06 AM #52    

Diane Kurtz ((paul))

Stuart Tasman. Come ode lives in Arizona.  Thought it was you.  Hope to see you soon.

01/09/16 12:07 AM #53    

Diane Kurtz ((paul))

Someone Lives in Arizona.  I forgot who.  Be well.

01/09/16 08:39 AM #54    

Stuart Tasman

Diane, David Talbot lives in Arizona.

01/09/16 11:31 PM #55    

David Talbot

Diane Kurtz, Stu's right we live in the Metro Phoenix area, in the far east Valley, in East Mesa.  Give us a shout if you are ev er out this way.  David & Silvia (NMHS '63) Talbot.

03/19/16 07:01 PM #56    

Rochelle Elaine Babbitt ((romanelli))

Does anyone know where the 55th reunion will be held? I hope its not in Orlando because I wouldnt like to travel there alone. Been a widow for many years now and John use to be my traveling partner. He also was a Pioneer.

03/20/16 11:00 AM #57    

William Thomas Coleman Jr

Mouse town sounds great.  October is fine because it should have cooled down. Easy access with great airport. Mouse town gets my vote. Bill Coleman. 

03/20/16 01:06 PM #58    

Nancy Mae Howells ((ezell))

Even though I will be driving from Sarasota to either destination, for what it's worth, I wouldl drive 30 min more to avoid the Tampa airport.. Looking fwd. to the reunion . Tennis players, bring your racquets!

06/29/16 10:16 AM #59    

Barry Neumann

I got a call from a buddy that was in the used car business in Jasper Ga.he said I just baught a 42ft sail boat in Croatia,come over we are sailing to Greece.Neither of us are avid sailers.We are leaving on July 12th for this trip,hope we make it to reunion.

06/29/16 11:40 AM #60    

Sunnie Taylor


Dear Barry,

Leaving for Greece  Sounds wonderful ! Have a great

time .  


06/30/16 04:02 PM #61    

Elaine Breton (Diloreto)

Have a great time. Hope you make it back. Elaine DiLoreto

07/01/16 07:40 PM #62    

Sunnie Taylor


Dear Barry,

Got a call from my eldest son. He's leaving for Greece


He's been living in Bucharest for about a year and a half. He loves it there. He comes back twice a year. 

Have a great time.


08/13/16 11:51 AM #63    

Barry Neumann

We returned from Greece & Croatia on the 30th. Upon arrival in Athens we took a cab to bus station for a 5 -1/2 hr bus ride to Lefkas Marina to meet up with our friends. We settled in and sailed the next morning to the Greek Islands.In Greece they don't charge for dockage but don't provide any facilities,but you are backed into the warf right in town. The boat was a 42ft Jenaue made in France with sails that unfurled from the mast,easy to operate & two steering wheels for which ever way the the boat is leaning & A/C.Greece was not so great because of the economy,not to many smiling faces,but beautiful water fair food.We spent 9 days on the boat,then flew from Corfu to Athens to fly to Vienna to connection to Zagreb. What a wonderful city,very much like Paris & a lot of street life & very safe.we rented a car & traveled most of the country. The roads are in better condition then ours,supported by tolls with very long tunnels going through lovely mountains & country side. On the way to a city called Pula we saw signs with adds for Jose Carrares on the overpasses but could not reed the smaller print due to my speed,no police at all! When we get to Pula,the town was packed,Carrares was doing a concert that night in the Colisum built by Rome 1100,not a hotel to be had.I found a decaying Grand Dam of the city on a side street & made a deal with front desk for cash No registration only a key to a room with no A/C.I open the French doors to the balcony & look down to a large terrace with a lot of activity, bingo the after party for Carrares on the terrace, you never no what lies in store when flying by the seat of your pants.Croatia has a Riveria on the Adriatic as good as the South of France at half the price, we loved it.
How nice it is to be home.

08/14/16 01:39 PM #64    

Meris Schreiber ((van DE Grift))

Barry and Ellen,

Thrilled you are back and that your trip for the most part was good.  I am going to Croatia (the whole Adriatic Sea) in May.  I am traveling on a private yacht, which has 16 staterooms.  Not only have I never been to Croatia, I have never really traveled on a yacht of this nature.  I am really looking forward to it.  When you get back to North Carolina, I will ask for the skinny on what to see and do.  I have heard that the coastline is magnificent and that is one of the reasons we are going a "small"  ship.  Can't wait to see you guys.  

Love you,




08/14/16 02:43 PM #65    

Philemon Dickinson Schellenger

Did you see anyone from North Miami High.Glad you had a great time .And get home safe Philyes

08/15/16 11:19 AM #66    

Timothy Mark Wolf

Glad for your great experience and safe return...July 7-21 found me, my youngest son, Paul, and his son Jacob on our way from Fort Lauderdale to Belo Horizonte, Brasil for a eight day intense missons trip along with 90+ others, all involved in VBS, Sports Team, Jail Visitation, Street Team, Medical Teams, Evangelism, etc.  Many people opened the door of their heart to receive the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.  (Revelation 3:20)  The revival serives in the churches was most encouraging as many folks determined to be bold witnesses for our Lord.  The food was excellent and we were made to feel at home and welcomed. A two day extension was offered to those who had never been to Rio.  We visited the Statue of the Christ, Sugarloaf Mnt. and stayed two nites on Copacabanna Beach.   We left for home on the 21st of July and just ahead of the big rush to the Olympics!  Thanks to all of you that post and share your experiences....the reunion will be great time to refresh past and happy wonder Heaven will be such a grand and great place where there will be no night there, no pain, no sorrow and no tears...we can join in praise to our Savior without end or interruption!  Blessings to you all,  Looking for the promised return of our victorious Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. John 14:1-6   Class of '62, Timothy Wolf,   Mrs Hands homeroom!



03/28/20 12:31 PM #67    

Madeline Krupp ((mrakava))

3/28/2020 Just a note of good cheer to old friends. Hope your all well and do not have the virus. We've been on lockdown here in San Jose going on 3 weeks. The streets are empt. My granddaughters are playing soccer in the street. We sit out front and wave to neighbors. It's weird and hope we all get through it. Stay well and thinking of you.Madeline Krupp Mrakava

03/29/20 04:22 PM #68    

Sharon Katz ((higgins))

Hello from McLean, Virginia, where today the grass is green and the sky is gray. 

I am saddened to inform you of the recent passing of Marie Mastropaolo, a member of the NMSH English faculty, on 29 February 2020, in Delray Beach, FL, at the age of 86. She is survived by a brother Charles Mastropaolo, who was a year ahead of us and a sister, Roseanne Mastropaolo Daniello who is our classmate. If you would like to express your condolences to them, please get in touch with me at 703-244-9734 or and I will give you Roseanne's current contact info. Over time, I have come to more fully appreciate how fortunate I was to have been Miss M's student. 

I hope this finds you all in good health and virus free.

Best wishes, Sharon Katz Higgins



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