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10/03/12 11:47 AM #19    


Lynn V Vega (Pierce)


THE VIDEO IS IN!  IT IS REALLY GOOD!  If you did not order one but now want one - you have lucked out.  Our classmate Mike Ehrlich has offered to make copies for you for thge mere  of $5.00!

 Send - your name and address for the video and $5.00.

Our thanks to Mike for giving to our class once again. (He made the CD's you received when you checked in at the reunion.


12/12/12 11:23 AM #20    

Stuart Tasman


12/22/14 04:23 AM #21    

Rochelle Elaine Babbitt ((romanelli))

Anyone living in South Florida? It would be nice to make"new friends" with my old classmates. I have been a widow for almost 20 yrs now. John also was a student in the class of 1962. Sending best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

10/07/15 01:08 PM #22    


Lynn V Vega (Pierce)


The class of 1959 is planning a cruise in April, 2016 and have invited us to join them!  This would NOT be our reunion but an awesome opportunity to cruise with other Pioneers.  The information from them is as follows:

Having given you that good news, it is time to start making reservations for our Reunion Cruise.  All of the information is listed below. 
If you are interested in going on the cruise, please contact Val Shipley today or as soon as possible. She won't pressure you, just answer your questions. 
There are limited cabins held, and they will be released on November 4th. 
We are making our reservation for the LIDO deck balcony cabin today.  Hope you will be cruising with us.  There are four cabins with wheelchair access on the Lido Deck and other decks as well, so please tell Val if you need that accommodation.
The prices below include all port and taxes.  I can tell you from past experience that you cannot beat these prices, and if the price drops, or if you have sailed with Carnival before and/or have military status (have ever served in the military) the price will be adjusted.
                                            PIONEER'S  RE-UNION  CRUISE
Sunday          -  Departs  4:00  p.m.  -  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Monday        -  Fun Day at Sea
Tuesday        -  Montego Bay, Jamaica  -  10:00 a.m.  -  7:00  p.m.
Wednesday   -  Grand Cayman,  Cayman Islands  -  8:00  a.m.  -  4:00  p.m.
Thursday       -  Cozumel,  Mexico  -  10:00  a.m.  -  6:00  p.m.
Friday            -  Fun Day at Sea
Saturday        -  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
INSIDE  CABINS  -  CATEGORY  4-E  -  588.56  per person
                                  CATEGORY  4-G  -  597.86  per person
Inside Cabins:   4-E  -  Deck  6  &  7
                            4-G  -  Deck  8  &  9
BALCONY CABINS  -  CATEGORY  8-B  -  788.51    per person
                                    CATEGORY  8-D  -  816.41    per person 
                                    CATEGORY  8-E  -  821.06    per person
Balcony Cabins:   8-B  -  Deck  6  &  7
                               8-D  -  Deck  8  &  9
                               8-E  -  Deck  9  &  10   ( Deck 9  is the Lido Deck ) 
DEPOSIT DUE:   BY  NOVEMBER  4,  2015  -  $ 250.00  per person
Note:   This includes the cruise fare, port charges and gov't. taxes.
The group rates are locked in to the pricing above, BUT,  if the price lowers or anyone is a past guest, military or any other promotion is available, I will have the price adjusted accordingly before the final payment is due.
Franchise Owner 

office: 954-680-9811
cell: 954-336-3208

email # 1:
email # 2:

12/12/15 09:01 PM #23    

Timothy Mark Wolf

Greetings to all your dear "Pioneers" from 6/62!  Hope this finds you well....Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all!  Since I have not been on this site for some time, would appreciate hearing from any of you!  Regards, Timothy Wolf  p.s. would love to hear from some of the gang that was in the portable with Mr. Reynolds, 4th grade and than we went to Biscayne Gardens Elementary on 151st Street!

12/13/15 12:16 PM #24    

David Talbot

Good Morning from Mesa, Arizona.  I had to look you up in the '62 yearbook, but I do remember you.  I went to NM Elementary and NM Jr.  We moved out West after Military Service.  Wishing you a Very happy holiday season, in keeping with your family traditions.


 David Talbot '62                                                                                                                                  Silvia (Martin) Talbot '63

12/16/15 12:54 PM #25    

Paul MacDonald


Hey Dave, always glad to hear from a fellow pioneer. I too had to look u up in the year book. I see you are letterman. What sport? 

Guess u didn't make our 50th reunion? It was great thanks to all the people that put it together.

I'm here in NC retired and loving life. 





12/17/15 01:15 PM #26    

David Talbot

Hi Paul,

No, I missed the 50th.  But I will try hard to make it to the 55th.  Of course, my focus is on trying to make to tomorrow!!!  LOL!  Since Vietnam, I take things one day at a time.

Have a very special holiday season.  I personally think of my buddies who didn't make it home and continue to hope they died for something.....but, in my old age I wonder.....

All the best Paul,



12/17/15 04:41 PM #27    

Nancy Mae Howells ((ezell))

It's always nice to hear about/from Pioneers; especially now. Maybe it's part of human nature to try to "go back".

Looking fwd to the 55th reunion!


12/17/15 04:49 PM #28    

Stuart Tasman

David, I've been wondering that myself.  The way things are going,  this country is not safe anymore.  

12/18/15 07:17 AM #29    

Steven Scott Riggs

As bad as we think things are we still are inth GREATEST COUNTRY we need Donald Trump in there with all his wild staments that actually make sence.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Steve Riggs

12/18/15 09:18 AM #30    

Danielle Membrives (Jernigan)

It's time Americans get serious about our country. Islam is trying to take over and make this a Islam nation.  Our president tells us not to be afraid, but he's got several body guards, a well protected house and bullet proof car and he speaks their language.  Trump is our only hope to get America back.  Have a Merry Christmas, it might be our last.  May God help us.


12/18/15 12:39 PM #31    

David Talbot

To Stuart Tasman:  I agree with you 100%.

12/18/15 12:45 PM #32    

David Talbot

To Nancy Mae Howells:  I agree!

To Steven Scott Riggs:  I agree, but I am not sure Trump is the right person to get us "Great Again."  I love what he says, but I need to be convinced that he knows HOW to get it done.

To Danielle Membrives:  Amen & Amen.

12/18/15 05:16 PM #33    

Stuart Tasman

Donald Trump is a loose cannon. He's a total whack job. I don't want a president that insults people. He is bigot and racist. It reminds me of that lunatic in 1939. Trump puts fear into the minds of his followers,  hopefully they will figure it out.


12/19/15 04:38 AM #34    

Ron Bloom (Name)

When did the forum become so political? I don't like where it's heading. Aren't we the ones who fought for peace and the rights of others? Come on guys, lighten up on the rhetoric. 



12/19/15 08:40 PM #35    

David Talbot

To Stuart Tasman:  Thank you for your Marine Corps Service to this country.  I respectfully disagree with some of what you said about Trump.  However, I am much more concerned that a Trump GOP candidate will hand the presidency to HRC, regardless of his negatives in the Primaries.  My Opinion, another 4 or 8 years of a Dem President and we're done for......  OoRah!


To Ron Bloom:  As long as we treat each other with mutual respect, why should anything be off limits?

12/20/15 12:40 AM #36    

Stuart Tasman

To the class of 62' y'all have a healthy & happy new year

12/21/15 07:19 PM #37    

Harry Alfred Boyd

Stuart Tasman....... well I havent heard that name in fifty plus years.  Hope life has been good to you since '62.  Not sure if you remember me but I certainly remember you.  Harry Boyd

12/31/15 02:18 PM #38    

Rochelle Elaine Babbitt ((romanelli))

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. I was looking at our yearbook and wondering who is still around the Miami area. I live in Pembroke Pines.

01/01/16 10:45 AM #39    

Stuart Tasman


Harry I sent you a private message to your profile.



01/02/16 10:05 PM #40    

Harry Alfred Boyd

To Stuart Tasman ;Yes, You were a kid with an irrepressable personality.  I'm not at all surprised that you were a Marine (ARE! once a Marine, always a Marine).  Thanks for your service.  I'll get one of my grandkids to show me how to find your post to my profile.  Hope all is well in Texas.  That new open carry law will be interesting.  I'm licensed and pack most of the time.  It's a dangerous world out there.  What was that line in the Godfather?....."I want something besides my hoohaa to pull out of my pants if trouble starts."  

01/03/16 01:02 AM #41    

Stuart Tasman

Harry I'm not a big fan of open carry law myself.  I think most people who carry concealed will continue. The ones that don't are just showing off, which I think will cause trouble.  We moved here in 1972, looking to move to Montana or New Zealand. Just go to your classmate profile, it should be there.


01/03/16 11:39 AM #42    

David Talbot

Stuart Tasman:  We loved New Zealand.  We were there on a vacation trip a few years ago and looked into the requirements to retire there.  Montana is way too cold for us Arizona Desert Rats......  RE:  "Open Carry," AZ has always been an Open Carry state and it's never been an issue.  A couple of years ago, the laws changed and a CCW permit is no longer required here.  That scares me more than open carry.  Now one never knows who or why someone's carrying.  But again, not a big issue here.  An AZ CCW permit is still available, used mostly by those who carry outside the state as many states honor home state registrations.  

Happy New Year!

01/03/16 02:41 PM #43    

Stuart Tasman

David, my wife and I have been there twice for ten days each. Would like to spend 2 or 3 months and live like the natives.  We loved it there, Tauranga is where we would like to stay or Mt. Manganui.

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