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02/06/12 10:47 PM #1    


Lynn Vega (Pierce)




This is the page you come to when you want to send a message to the class, a group, club, team, or individual.  It will be a running stream of messages, and it should be interesting to see where the threads go!  Message away....

02/27/12 12:39 PM #2    

Nancy Mae Howells ((ezell))


If anyone is interested in playing Saturday let's get together!



02/27/12 01:52 PM #3    

Michael Ehrlich


Elaine and I are planning a match on Thursday as we are getting in early, maybe we can get a 4th and play some doubles on sat.


Mike Ehrlich


03/17/12 11:02 AM #4    

Elaine Breton (Diloreto)

Dan plays tennis too, but unfortunately he will be playing cards on Saturday.

03/18/12 10:32 PM #5    


Lynn Vega (Pierce)

Anyone wanting to have something posted (pictures, Silliness, Harken Back) please send it to me and I will post it.  Bring 'em on!

04/13/12 12:03 PM #6    

Darlene Cahill ((schneeberger))

My husband (Joe) and I are bringing our rackets and will be available from Thurs on.

Darlene (Cahill) Schneeberger

05/21/12 01:45 PM #7    


John E Blackstock III

What is the dress code for the reunion events?

John Blackstock.

06/05/12 06:44 PM #8    


Lynn Vega (Pierce)

Fellow Classmates!  Our very own Harold Morgan of the band the "TEMPEST" will be attending Friday night and has offered to teach those of us who are clueless how to Line Dance!  For those of you who already know - get up there and help us so that we have the dance floor filled!

06/07/12 11:54 PM #9    


Lynn Vega (Pierce)


Don't forget to sign up for "jazzercise"!  It will be held at 10:00AM Saturday morning in the Pier Top.  You will have a glorious view while you are jazzing!  Contact Mary Lipscomb Hartley at  Just do it!!

06/20/12 10:37 AM #10    

Linda Verga ((berman))

Since tennis will probably be rained out how about bringing backgammon boards?

06/21/12 09:30 AM #11    

Linda Verga ((berman))

Just in case we get a little sunshine my husband Neil is looking for a doubles game.  We gave up mixed doubles a very long time ago and it was a wise choice  :)  Anyway, he's a good player and would love a game.  Linda Verga Berman.

06/23/12 05:41 PM #12    

Nancy Mae Howells ((ezell))

5:30 Saturday:Dear fellow graduates,

I'm back home (only 4 hrs North) and 4 hours removed from turning back the time.

Too bad about the rain this morning.

I wish I had arranged to spend the whole weekend ): I had a great time talking to people I remember and those whom I didn't. Nevertheless, every conversation meant a lot to me.  I'm sooooo shocked some of you recognized me without glancing at my name tag!!

By now you are all packed into the hospitality room again awaiting the evenings functions and tomorrow you will be looking back, like I am now. 50 years, where has it gone? I feel like making a "New Years Resolution": let's keep in touch, let's do it again, etc etc. Life seems to just roll on by not waiting for our good intentions.

A final thank you to the committee members! You did it!!


06/24/12 08:32 AM #13    


John E Blackstock III

My wife and I are so glad that we came. It was such a pleasure to see so many classmates and former team mates. The committee has done so great a job that words are not adequate , congratulations to all on a job well done. John Blackstock

06/25/12 11:58 AM #14    

Linda Weinberg ((labbie) Wein)

Kudos!!!! The committee received a perfect 10 for planning, for accommodations, for food, for friendships renewed, and for reaching out to all of the reluctant reunion attendees.  The weekend was awesome!!!!

At this age we know ( unfortunately) that there isn't much magic, so we know, it is the combined work of many thank you committee for providing me and Gary a time to add to the fondest of memories.

We are on the west coast looking forward to hearing from many of you to come over to the CALMER side of the state....

Thank you again,

Linda (Weinberg) Wein

09/03/12 10:22 PM #15    

Anne Kern ((adelman))

The excitement of reunion with all the planning and hard work was worth it all!!

I feel close to all my friends on the committee and realize even more how unusual and amazing our Class of 62 was and still is!! What a turn out for 50 years later!

Running the events in my mind ( yes...I stil have my mind!)  I am aware of how special that weekend was to o many of us.

THANK YOU ALL  for making the reunion a huge success....we held the party, but you all showed up, ate, danced, laughed, and recalled the memories of those incredible years at NM High.

Let's keep in touch.smiley


Anne  Kern ( Adelman)


09/04/12 11:58 AM #16    

Stuart Tasman




09/06/12 04:58 PM #17    


Lynn Vega (Pierce)


We will keep it up!



09/06/12 05:04 PM #18    


Lynn Vega (Pierce)

Hello my friends!

In case you haven't ordered your portraits from Saturday night. or downloaded Friday nights, the email from the photographer is up again!


Here is the link directly to the site:

If you have any problems with that link please let me know.



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