In Memory

Stephen Foster Barton

I am very grateful that the address we had in our records was a rental property of yours. If your tenant hadn't send you our original communication none of us would have had the opportunity to touch base with you and catch up, if only a little. I know you're responsible for many of our graduates deciding to attend our 50th. Your enthusiasm was contagious.

I have fond memories of all the times you came to our house and considered you a very special friend. Dan will never forgive me for not voting for him as best dressed and insists that my vote was the deciding factor. I did vote for you and I would do it all over again.

I am saddened that none of us will be able to visit with you next week, but we know you'll be there in spirit. We will certainly be thinking about you I promise you that.

Until we meet again . . . . .

Warm Regards,

Elaine Breton DiLoreto






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06/11/12 10:19 PM #1    

Chrystine Trichter ((zweibel))

Dear Steve:

I couldn't have been more surprised when you called about 10 days ago with an ebullient 'hello'... and to find out how my life had been going all these years. You were so excited about going to the reunion and being able to reconnect with so many classmates whom you had sincerely missed since graduation.  We laughed and reminisced for over an hour about so many memories that we shared during our school years together. I shared with you that I still remember going to a party at your parents' home and tasting caviar for the first time. You were always the perfect gentleman, always a smile with warmth and kindness. Your enthusiasm for the upcoming reunion was indisputably contagious and  I'm afraid it only deepened my regret that I couldn't attend this one to visit with you more over the upcoming long weekend.

You weren't supposed to leave us so soon Steve.  Your friendship, humor and generosity of spirit will remain in our hearts. I feel like your phone call was a gift......thank you.

Chrys Trichter Zweibel

06/16/12 01:00 PM #2    

Patricia Edwards

Dear Steve,

     I just learned of your passing and although I spoke to you several weeks ago I am stunned and saddened that

I will not see you again. I enjoyed speaking with you and planning to see you at the reunion after so many years. 

You were a truly dear friend , gentleman and quality person. I will always remember you dear friend. And I never

really did your home work for you. You succeeded on your own. God Bless.

Best always to you and your family,   Pat Edwards

06/18/12 07:20 AM #3    

Mary Howard Lipscomb ((hartley))

It was wonderful reconnecting with you. Your warmth and sincerity came thru the phone like it was yesterday.

The thoughts that will linger with me are how happy you sounded about your life, your wife, your family and how 

excited you were about the reunion.  

You will be missed but your contribution to the energy of the reunion and our class will remain as a sincere friend of all.

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